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by jkapeed

Why Donate?

your Donation will help us to fight against animal cruelty, Carry out actions to fight against mistreatment, Support us in the care of animals: – Take care of animals arriving injured. All donations will be used to support Vegan activities and to prevent animal cruelty. Your support is essential to win the fight against all this suffering and continue to change the lives of millions of animals. Support us with a donation today. Thanks to you, many animals will be able to have a better life.


For every rupee received, 70 paisa goes directly to our work to improve the lives of animals. The remaining 23 paisa is invested in fundraising to develop sustainable funding for our actions.

Our Partnerships

We are pleased to work with many partners locally and Internationally. . Those who work with us include:

Nepal Vegan Society

Sneha’s Care

Vegan Dairy Nepal

Pleased veg and vegan restaurant