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WVO – Vegan Sister City Program

by jkapeed

The “WORLD VEGAN ORGANISATION VEGAN SISTER CITY PROGRAM” officially launched today (August 11th, 2020) in the first two Vegan Sister Cities of UDAIPUR, INDIA and KATHMANDU, NEPAL. 
The WVO Sister City Program brings together vegans from different cities around the world to promote veganism in a cross-cultural and “building bridges of friendship” manner. Starting today in Kathmandu (Nepal) and Udaipur (India) the Nepal and India WVO Chapters have been busy using these slower times at restaurants to veganize menus and help train kitchen and service staff on making their restaurants vegan friendly. Udaipur and Kathmandu are the first WVO Vegan Sister Cities in South Asia, which will later include vegan sister cities across Asia. 
The WVO hopes that these collaborative efforts in the true spirit of veganism – which is friendship and compassion, will encourage cross border cooperation between vegans in different cities. 
The WVO Sister City Program will do this by encouraging restaurants, cafes and hotels to be vegan friendly by helping restaurants to create individual vegan menus (with the menus describing what vegan is), vegan friendly kitchens and service staff training on how to serve and prepare vegan food. This includes providing vegan friendly education dos/dont’s to be posted in kitchens, and vegan awareness in the hospitality industry directly at the restaurants, cafes and hotels that will be providing vegan menus and food for their guests and clients. 
The concept of supporting local vegan cooperation and bringing people together, from different countries, faiths and beliefs to mutually promote compassion and kindness in restaurant and hotel kitchens is what the WVO Vegan Sister City Program is all about.

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