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Cruelty Exposed – Live Animal Transportation in Nepalt

by jkapeed

The making of “Dark Secret of Buffalo Cruelty” has been released. It took us three days to shoot the movie. We faced so many circumstances during the shooting of this movie. It was very challenging to expose the cruelty of Live Buffalo Transportation as this was happening illegally without following the Transportation Standards introduced by the Nepal government in 2007. The salesman in the Cattle market were very aggressive. They almost snatched our camera. We were told that we were required to delete all of the footage that we had taken so far. The same night we thought of finding another place where we could shoot everything we wanted. So by early morning, we reached in a new spot. In the new spot, to avoid skeptics, our team skillfully completed the shot by filming other activities as well as activities related to Buffaloes. This trick helped us create a comfortable environment for our shooting. After loading the buffaloes into the truck, we then followed the truck for 22 Hours until it reached Kathmandu. This surprising film, delivered by Sneha’s Care, highlights the tremendous suffering of water buffaloes from the Nepal-India border to Kathmandu. It shows the horrific conditions and torture that the animals face whilst being transported lengthy distances, and the inhumane treatment they face during their driving and at the slaughterhouse. The long-distance transport of animals results in suffering and poor welfare conditions, regardless of where those animals are going to or from.

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